Beekeeping Services

Blooming apple treesOur Beekeeping services vary from customer to customer within San Mateo County. Our most common package includes placing a hive or multiple hives on your property and tending them throughout the year. The hive will provide pollination for your garden and orchard. We harvest the honey two to three times per year and use or sell the wax and the raw honey as our source of revenue. There is no charge for this service and, depending on the productivity of the hive, our customers can expect to receive up to five pounds of delicious raw honey from each hive every year.

Beekeeping services for honeySome of our customers choose to keep all of their honey, which can make a unique and healthy gift for your friends and family. Our services are customized to your individual needs and may include bees, equipment, basic hive management, harvesting, extraction of honey, bottling and personalized labels. Prices vary depending on the number of hives on the property, accessibility, location and the level of service desired. Free consultations are available by appointment.

Host a Hive:

iStock_000001555177XSmallHosting a hive involves placing a hive or several hives on the host property. Golden Harvest maintains ownership of the bees and equipment while maintaining the hive and harvesting honey and other products. The host receives up to 5lbs. of honey per year, per hive depending on productivity. This is a free service.

Full Service:

Maintenance ~ $75 per month

Golden Harvest will service and maintain your hive year round. This service includes everything necessary to maintain the health of your hive. If the hive is lost due to disease or any other cause, Golden Harvest will re-establish the colony at no additional charge. We will harvest the honey and deliver it back to you in 5 gal. containers (approx. 50 lb.).

Bottling and custom labels are available at an additional charge.

honey-bearBottling ~ $1 per jar (sizes 6-16 oz).

Custom labeling ~$20 per 250 labels