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iStock_000006517545XSmallBeekeeping is fascinating, fun, and good for the environment! Golden Harvest Bees offers beginning and advanced beekeeping classes in Redwood City, CA.  The beginning class is for anyone interested in learning about bees and the joys and pitfalls of beekeeping. Beekeeper Richard Baxter shares his many years of beekeeping experience and covers the essential information that everyone should know before keeping bees at home. Learn about the life of the queen, worker, and drone bees. How they interact and best practices for keeping a hive healthy. Swarming, hive splitting, environmental stressors, and much more will be covered.  Each class comes to a sweet end with honey tasting from the varietal honeys at Golden Harvest Bees!

Register Here: Beekeeping 101 for Beginners
$45 per person

Beekeeping 101 is for anyone who is interested in learning about bees. Whether you aspire to keep your own bees, or want to learn firsthand about the life of a hive, this is the place to start. To register for the Beginning Beekeeping Class. Please fill out the registration form below. Confirmation and class information will be sent by email.
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